Saltwater Fly Fishing Safari in the British Virgin Islands

Fishing is one of the most participated past times in the world, attracting all ages from the very very young to the very very old, age is never a factor.

Salt water fly fishing is an area of this sport that is now the fastest growing sector and does not seem interested in slowing down, the British Virgin Islands is building a reputation as being one of the best locations for this style of fishing in the world, in fact it has a reputation for all types of saltwater fishing.

The BVI is littered with white sandy beaches with Tarpon paroling the waters just a cast distance away, a short sail up to the sand Island Anegada and all your tarpon fishing dreams will be realised.

Nestled between the islands and the reefs we find shallow sand flats, skirted with mangrove , ideal for Bone Fish, their favored habitat.  Bone Fish are one of the fastest line stripping fish for their size in the world, but never easy to hook due to their ‘bony’ mouth’s, permit fish also cruise in the shallows, just their black fins visible, these location are all with in a short comfortable sail.

Add to this already awesome location an open water drop off, as close as one mile south of the islands, where the water rises from 30 – 40 metres to 15 – 20 metre and then…drops to over a 1000 metres, in the just a few seconds, ocean currents rise from the deep bringing much needed food for Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sail Fish, King Mackeral and much much more, a melting pot of life, ready to catch, all from the comfort of your floating accommodation!

We have years of experience chartering sailing yachts in the BVI, there are always fishing lines trailing and fishing starts early and ends late, the combination of fishing from your home, moving from one awesome location to another, with out the need to pack equipment, set alarms, or endure painful transfers is paradise, we simply anchor a short dinghy ride from the best spots and fish.

We do not admit to being experts, we are enthusiasts, but we have teamed up with some fly fishing legends, during your stay we will organise flat bottom boats, to take you onto the flats, for bone fish and permit, these boats will come alongside our catamaran and take you the short hop into the flat waters, will will arrange guided wading safari’s also on the flats, where stealth and silence is a must, these are usually early, while the winds are light and the sun is low.

Once the wind builds, we sail, always fishing for Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo, unfortunately we do still hook into Barracuda and some time your catch may have already been shared before you land it with hungry sharks.

The beauty of using a luxury catamaran for your trip, is that you carry EVERYTHING around with you ALL the time, no need to pack each day for excursions, if your partner or family do not like fishing, then this is an ideal trip, they can relax and enjoy the sun go swimming, snorkeling or maybe on a island tours, all this while you enjoy your passion.  When you head out early to fish the flats for Bone fish, they rise at their leisure, swim off the back of the boat before enjoying a relaxed breakfast in the cockpit.


If you would like to more information on our BVI Sailing Holidays then why not click on that page here.

Saltwater Fly Fishing Safari  – What’s included?

Packages vary depending on your own preference, some groups prefer to do all the provisioning them selves, this saves a lot on your budget, it also avoids having a chef on board for the week, how ever others prefer to have everything done so they can relax…the choice is yours..

If required we can provide the following:

  • Luxury Catamaran for you cruising home for the week (see a couple of examples here
  • Skipper with years of experience scouring the BVi’s for the best fishing
  • Chef, if you decide to catering is not a holiday.
  • Transfer from Beef Island airport to your waiting boat.
  • Fishing equipment if you do not want to bring your own.
  • Flat bottom boat fishing of a day with professional guide on the flats
  • Wading safari, again with a professional guide
  • Deep blue water fishing, Tuna, Mahi, Mahi, Wahoo, etc
  • Blue water catch prepared and BBQ on the back of the boat if requested
  • Packages available from 5 – 14 days, longer can be arranged if required.
  • Fishing permits, 
  • all safety gear.
  • Use of Dinghy
  • Digital cameras on board each boat
  • All daytime and overnight mooring fees
  • Fuel
  • Wet weather clothing
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Visit to clients offices to discuss possible events (if required)

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