Catamaran Holidays, Tuition and Corporate Charters

Catamarans are the fastest growing sector in the corporate charter and holidays markets.  At Marine Events we are building a fleet of luxury catamarans in the UK and in and the Caribbean.

We consult on and provide holidays and tuition on the South Coast of England as well as in the British Virgin Islands, the links and information below will help you venture with confidence into the amazing world of Catamaran sailing. Please contact the marine events team at any time for more information.

Catamarans...once a taboo word with in the sailing community,  are now with out doubt the most popular boat
Fishing is one of the most participated past times in the world, attracting all ages from the very very young to the very old,
If you have arrived on this page, it could mean that you are thinking of buying a catamaran, either to sail in UK waters,
If you have clicked on this part of the website, you are already interested in Catamarans and are now looking to make the jump
Catamarans...once a taboo word with in the sailing community, are now with out doubt the most popular boat for holiday
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