Q - Do I need to be able to sail or have any boating experience?
A – Probably 80% of the people that come on our events have never been on a boat before, absolute sailing novices are more than welcome and will get as much…if not more out of the day than an experienced sailor.
Q - What if the weather is bad?
A – Sailing is one of the few Corporate Day that really is not effected by bad weather, Sun, light winds and clear blue sky is the perfect day, but wind and rain can also make for a superb day on the water.  Repeat clients of ours have often commented that the days their clients have enjoyed the most are the days when most of us would normally stay inside!
Q - Will an event ever be cancelled by bad weather?
A – The only time we will cancel an event is if we believe that the wind is too strong and guests will be put in danger.  If this happens, we do not cancel, we simply transfer the event to a mutually agreeable date.  Marine Events have been providing events since 2001, in that time we have postponed events due to bad weather no more than 5 or 6 times.
Q - Why do so few events get postponed due to bad weather?
A – When looking for a location to start our business in 1999, we chose the Solent for it’s safe sheltered sailing waters.  The Isle of Wight protects us from wind and swell, making it a superb, safe environment to entertain in.  Without the Isle of Wight to protect us, creating our own ‘inland lake’, we would have so many more days cancelled and would not be able to run the events in the safe environment that we do.
Q - Will we get wet?
A – With the English weather, we can never guarantee no rain, but all our powerboats have climate controlled saloons while all our sailing yachts have full high quality wet weather gear as well as superb accommodation below decks.  If it does rain…enjoy it!
Q - What is the smallest and largest group you can entertain?
A – We have in the past taken 2 people out for the day, ideally 6 would be a good starting point, whereas we could easily do a day on the water for up to 150 guests.
Q - What is the maximum number of guests on one boat?
A – The MCA code of practice limits the number of guests on each commercial boat to 12.   This is the same through out the world, however there are a couple of boats in the Solent that can take up to 30 guests.
Q - Can a sailing boat capsize when it leans over?
A – Simple answer…NO!  Sailing yachts, unlike sailing dinghy’s, have a massive keel on the bottom of the boat, the more the boat leans over, the more the keel tries to bring it up again.  Sailing yachts are designed to sail at an angle, if your yacht starts to lean over on your event, enjoy it, as there is no other experience quite like it.
Q - Are the skippers qualified?
A – All our skippers have to have a ‘commercially endorsed Yachtmaster’ but we don’t just stop there.  We also require years of experience sailing or driving big yachts and powerboats so that you all get the most relaxing time on the water.
Q - How does the bribery act affect corporate hospitality?
A – You will be pleased to hear that the Bribery Act of 2011 does NOT affect Corporate Hospitality.  The Government bought out a paper this year highlighting this point, if you would like more information please click here.
Q - Where do the events run from?
A – Marine Events run events all over the World, but primarily our Corporate Events take place on the south coast of England in the sheltered sailing waters of the Solent.  We will move boats and crews to which ever starting point suits you and your group.
Q - Can we sail to the Isle of Wight in a day?
A – Yes, the Isle Of Wight is a great stopping point for lunch on a day event.  Ports such as Cowes, Yarmouth and the beautiful sheltered anchorage of Newtown Creek are all within easy reach.
Q - Can we sail to Spain for the day?
A – Well not a frequently asked question, but has been asked! Unfortunately Spain is too long a trip for a corporate day, as is France, however France is a possible destination for trips over two or preferably three days
Q - Can you drink alcohol on board the boats?
A – Yes alcohol can be served on board, although due to the nature of the environment we operate in we do have to limit consumption if guests consume more than we feel is safe.
Q - Where do we have our food?
A – Food can be served on board the yachts and powerboats in the form of a sumptuous buffet.  This can be taken on deck in the sun, or in the luxury saloons below decks if the weather is bad.  It can also be taken ashore at a pub, restaurant or maybe a yacht club, located throughout the Solent.
Q - How much are the boats worth?
A – We have a fleet of sailing yachts and powerboats ranging from 35 feet to 88 feet, these boats range from approximately £100,000 to £3.5m!  On a Marine Events Combination event for 24 guests, you will usually have in the region of £2.5m worth of boats to play with.
Q - How fast can the boats go?
A – The luxury sailing yachts we use on our events are not generally sailed for their speed, but our performance powerboats will do speed of up to 30 knots (35 – 40 mph) while the Ribs we have in support will do over 40 knots (50 mph)
Q - Can we drive the boats?
A – On the sailing yachts and Powerboats you are encouraged to take the helm, this is part of the day most people will remember.
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