Q - Do I need to be able to sail or have any boating experience?
Q - What if the weather is bad?
Q - Will an event ever be cancelled by bad weather?
Q - Why do so few events get postponed due to bad weather?
Q - Will we get wet?
Q - What is the smallest and largest group you can entertain?
Q - What is the maximum number of guests on one boat?
Q - Can a sailing boat capsize when it leans over?
Q - Are the skippers qualified?
Q - How does the bribery act affect corporate hospitality?
Q - Where do the events run from?
Q - Can we sail to the Isle of Wight in a day?
Q - Can we sail to Spain for the day?
Q - Can you drink alcohol on board the boats?
Q - Where do we have our food?
Q - How much are the boats worth?
Q - How fast can the boats go?
Q - Can we drive the boats?
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