Cats Cats and More Cats!

Marine Events Catamaran Fleet Continues to Grow

Catamarans…once a taboo word with in the sailing community,  are now with out doubt the most popular boat for holiday charters and cruising groups all over the world and with the production of Catamarans being taken up by all the leading manufacturers, this is a style of cruising that is only going to get bigger and stronger.

The Mediterranean and Caribbean Charter fleets have been revolutionised by the influx of the Catamaran on to the scene, Marine Events are always pushing to bring this change to UK waters and the fleet continues to grow.

With just one Catamaran available for charter just 3 years ago, we can now boast 3 boats on our fleet for the 2019 season, with a fourth in the pipeline.  Catamarans provide superb accommodation and space despite their relatively short length, a 40 ft Cat has the same volumne as a 60ft + monohull!

 A Catamarans ultra wide beam gives the boat superb stability, but also provides our guests with vast open decks making moving around, in all weather conditions so much easier.  This is great for the novice sailors on our corporate days, yet still providing great speed and amazing sailing performance for the keen sailors.

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Look forward to seeing you in 2019!

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