Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Road Show get on the water!

Antiques Road Show get Nautical

The BBC and their ever popular programme the ‘Antiques Road Show’ were on the South Coast this week while filming one of their shows at the Eastney Barracks on the sea front at Southsea.

Marine Events were fortunate enough to be asked to provide a boat for a few hours to get the film crew out on the water to do some filming of the Barracks.

Fiona Bruce, the host of the show was also onboard being filmed doing the opening sequence for the start of the programme, it turns out she appears to love boats and being on the water and was soon on the helm with a big smile.

The BBC crew were met at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth after filming at Lord Nelsons Flagship vessel the HMS Victory, the ship is best known for it’s part in Nelsons victory at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

After a quick motor out of Portsmouth harbour (with Fiona on the wheel), the filming off Eastney Barracks started (With Fiona still on the wheel!) The film crew were slick and efficient and filming was finished in just a few minutes, we then motored back into Portsmouth Harbour for some shots of Warrior and Victory from the water.

The film crew for the BBC, headed up by Julia Foot, were good fun, friendly and very relaxed considering the environment they were working in, which I am sure is not normal.

An invite from the crew meant that my family and I visited the Barracks the following day while filming was taking place and with a little VIP treatment I somehow ended up centre stage with my 8 year old daughter during one of the valuations!

So when the Antiques Road Show hits your TV’s later this year from Eastney Barracks, watch to see how camera shy we both are!


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