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"We all thoroughly enjoyed our day and the pictures capture very well the mood, every one was being very upbeat about the day and really could not suggest how it could be improved"
Mike Belk – DaimlerChrysler

What is a J 109? – How do you ‘brand’ a boat?

What is a J 109?


A  J 109 is a 36 foot racing yacht built by ‘J Yachts’ it is fast exciting yet simple and easy to sail, it is ideal for this event as there are up to 12 identical boats available.


But with a small crew of 7 guests, means that every one that wants to is able to get involved with the racing and helming of the boat.

But I can’t sail!

I hear you say, 85% of the guests on this regatta have said the same, yet they all got involved, had a great time and most are coming back for more!

Travel Mole Regatta 2012 Travel Mole Regatta 2011

Travel Mole Regatta 2012 Travel Mole Regatta 2011

The weather can be a deciding factor, but with the Solent and Southampton water we can generally find, safe, flat water to sail in, so far we have had every type of weather possible thrown at us in the last 3 years, yet these superb boats have no problems and the crews…in all conditions, have come back smiling and laughing.

Hull Branding and Crew Clothing.


So what is this all about, well companies in the past have made the decision to have the hull of their boat branded with their company logo, or had ‘battle flags’ made up again with company names on them or even crew clothing with t shirt or sweat shirts with company logo’s all over them.


Why? …be seen, get your company name all over the Travel Mole Web site as well as Marine Events, look good on the water (it intimidates your rivals)! and get plenty of pictures and video’s of your boat for your own marketing.

Above there are pictures of examples of Hull Branding, you can also have ‘Battle Flags’ made up with your company logo’s, these are very popular in the sailing world, dating back centuries.

Travel Mole Regatta 2011 Travel Mole Regatta 2012


Teams also have t shirts or sweat shirts made up with their team log on, this looks good on the water and back at the bar!


Travel Mole Regatta 2011 Travel Mole Regatta 2012

All hull branding, battle flags and Crew Clothing can be arranged through Marine Events, everything will be sorted and ready for you when you arrive.

Please contact Steve at any time if you would like to get some costs.