<strong>Q – Can a sailing boat capsize when it leans over?</strong>
We hired 3 yachts from Marine Events for a day’s sailing with our clients. Steve’s professional and flexible approach from the outset meant our every need was satisfied, he ensured that we were educated, entertained and extremely well catered for. We’d do it again...
Fiona Cowcher – Monitor Media, Client sailing day

Q – Can a sailing boat capsize when it leans over?

A – Simple answer…NO!  Sailing yachts, unlike sailing dinghy’s, have a massive keel on the bottom of the boat, the more the boat leans over, the more the keel tries to bring it up again.  Sailing yachts are designed to sail at an angle, if your yacht starts to lean over on your event, enjoy it, as there is no other experience quite like it.